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Many Android and Apple mobile device users enjoy Google Home with their Chromecast as they plug their phone or computer into their TV or a wider screen. However, what do you do when you encounter problems with your Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra? That’s where comes into the picture!


MoneyBrighter summarizes to give you the three steps to unblock your streaming device for a smoother and hassle-free viewing experience.

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Now, here are the troubleshooting steps you need to try out to fix your Chromecast to continue enjoying it with Google Home and other streaming apps services with your Android devices, iPhone, and TV. 

Chromecast Setup Fix #1: Check Your Wi-Fi Network

The most common of the issues is the Wi-Fi network and internet connection. Remember that casting is network dependent, so a slow internet connection could easily hamper your entertainment. Fix this problem by checking and rechecking your router placement. See if the relationship has accidentally shifted to a different network.

Sometimes the network error occurs due to the lack of proper signal strength. Make sure that your Google Home and Chromecast devices, as well as your Wi-Fi devices, are all updated and are at a reasonable distance from one another to make sure Wi-Fi network services are maximized. You can also try to cross-refer your Wi-Fi connection with your other streaming devices and check the stability and strength.

Also, do check the security of your Wi-Fi network. Sometimes your Google Home or Chromecast devices may fail to register the device due to a change in the login credentials. So, try setting up a new password and then reconnecting to your Chromecast device. You also need to ensure that the connected network is the same as connected with your Android and Apple mobile devices. Sometimes, a second network also gets added.

The setup process may seem tedious, but it would surely improve your streaming experience on Google Chromecast.

Chromecast Setup Fix #2: Use the Extender

Your Google Home and Google Chromecast devices may have issues sustaining a strong signal considering that an ethernet cable does not hardwire you for a more stable connection. suggests that you can sort out this problem through the help of a short HDMI Extender. This allows your Chromecast device to reach for that extra bit towards sustaining a stronger signal connection. Hence, you can have more uninterrupted watch hours. Also, a much higher streaming speed will definitely be there.

You only need a few inches long of the HDMI cable to connect your Chromecast with the Wi-Fi networks. You have to place this at the back of the Chromecast device and then let it do its work. It may not drastically improve your problems, but it is a helpful troubleshooting hack that may work if you give it some time while checking out the router, as well. Refer to content for a full guide on setting up an HDMI cable. 

Chromecast Setup Fix #3: Reset Your Modem/Router

The modem or the router is the most challenging device to deal with when troubleshooting because only limited measures can be taken to fix the issue. The best way is to turn it on and off and then plug it off from the power source. Wait for around 10 seconds, and then reconnect it to the power source again. You can do this one by one or separately if you happen to have separate modems and routers. Then check the modem first, then the router. Give it another 30 seconds waiting time before reconnecting your Chromecast to the Wi-Fi network. 


How do I unlink my Chromecast from Google?

– You must be logged in to the Google Account linked to your Google TV.
– On this account, find the Google TV you’d like to remove. Select it. 
– Select Sign out.

Why is my screen not mirroring any content?

Some TVs do not the screen mirroring feature turned on by default. You need to reset the network by turning your TV, router, and smartphone off and then on again to fix screen mirroring. 


Chromecast is a Google streaming media adapter that allows users to watch and listen to web material such as videos and music on their televisions. A common HDMI port can be used to connect them to any television or monitor. Once configured, you can wirelessly stream audio and video from your phone or computer to a larger screen.

The setup process of linking Google Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra from your mobile device to Google Home or your smart TV may seem more ten times more tedious than setting up a Bluetooth connection. Still, keep in mind that going through the proper setup process and regularly checking your Google Chrome and Android or Apple devices would be worthwhile.

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However, if none of the fixes here works, then try a factory reset of your Google Chromecast device, if not all your devices, including your Google Home, Android device, and other hardware. This is the last resort.

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