Can’t Sign-in with HBO Now/tv Code? Get Your TV Code Here

HBO (Home Box Office) is a name that needs no introduction! It is the largest and most exclusive satellite network available on TV. It has dedicated users all around the world due to its collection of premium and quality content on television. There are some major titles that have come from the house of HBO. Some of the most eminent ones are Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and two very recent additions are Veep and Westworld.


HBO offers a number of streaming services including HBO Max, HBO Go, HBO on Demand, and HBO Now. HBO Now has a vast library that makes all of the new and old shows easily available for the viewers! It is because of such premium and top-notch service that HBO Now is so massively popular and in-demand.

However, there are bound to be some technical defaults when it comes to technology. Hence you may some troubles while trying to sign in to your HBO Now account. So, follow these simple steps to solve the issue and get back to enjoying the amazing shows on HBO again! 

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On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

HBO Now/TV Activation Code  

HBO Now is widely available on Samsung TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity TV, and so on. The TV code is an important factor while trying to sign in to your HBO Now account, whether it is through the application or any other channel provider such as Roku Device. The activation process is the same for all.


Another few important aspects to keep a check on are: strong internet connection, stable network coverage, and the correct login credentials.

  • Step 1: If you are going to access your HBO Now account through a channel provider such as Roku, then firstly you have to go to the channel store.
  • Step 2: Put in all of the credentials as required on the screen.
  • Step 3: You need to get the HBO Now channel through the Roku channel store option.
  • Step 4: If you cannot find it on the screen already, then go to the search bar and search for HBO Now. After you have successfully added the channel, then you will be redirected to a different webpage.
  • Step 5: This webpage will show you the entire channel package that you have to access to watch the HBO shows.
  • Step 6: After you have installed the channel, you would need to put it in the HBO TV Code. For this simply go to
  • Step 7: A simple unique code will be generated and you just have to put in the code when they ask for it. It is a verification and security measure taken by them. 
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HBO Now/TV Code Sign In

If you facing any sign-in difficulties with your HBO Now TV Code sign in process then make sure to follow these steps to overcome the problems!

  • Network issues: This is a major problem that is often overlooked by most. Due to unstable internet or poor network coverage sometimes the TV codes do not register properly, and the channels keep bugging most of the time. So, for a smooth experience with HBO Now, please make sure that you take care of this issue.
  • Browser caches: If you are absolutely unable to open the HBO Now channel on your web browser, then there is a possibility that your browser is lagging from too many caches stored in it. So, just go to the settings of your browser and click on the delete caches option. This will definitely speed up your browser and will not lag anymore.
  • Device Issues: This is also another quite common problem that is faced by users all around. There are easy ways to solve this problem. The first step is, try to delete the HBO apps from the devices, disconnect all the accounts, and wait for a few minutes. Then, go back to reinstall it.
  • Recheck the TV Code and your login credentials: These small issues can cause an interruption in your overall viewing experience! After you are done with these steps, simply go to and click on activate to generate your unique code.


Can I get HBO Now for free?

You can get the HBO Now trial version free for seven days. After that, you have to pay the base rate of $14.99 on a monthly basis. There are all these subscription plans that you can go through to access HBO Now.

Why are my HBO videos so bad?

If you are facing issues with the video quality or sound problems, then try rechecking the quality of your network or internet coverage. There may be some issues with the bandwidth too, and that can hamper the quality of the video. So, you can try changing the network connection for higher bandwidth coverage. Another way is by lowering the resolution of the video on the TV. This can help reduce the buffering or the lagging, but will not give you HD Viewing.

Does HBO Now have good shows?

Yes, you will a lot of great premium content to watch on HBO. There are several titles that will catch your attention such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Veep, Silicon Valley – to name a few. HBO has earned a name for itself by producing some of the best shows in the recent years, and consistently engaging viewers worldwide by incredible material to binge-watch, and more.

Final Thoughts  

HBO (formerly known as HBO NOW) is a standalone streaming service that allows you to see all of HBO’s content without having to subscribe to a TV package. All of HBO’s original shows, as well as hit movies, documentaries, sports, and exclusive comedy specials, are available to stream.

HBO Now has now gone out of its way to ensure maximum comfort for its viewers! Now it is also available as a mobile application for you to catch up on your favorite shows on the go! You can watch all of it anytime and anywhere! HBO is always first on the list to bring out the most brilliant shows breaking all the previous standards of television shows. It is because of its unbreakable quality of content that it has garnered so much of appreciation and accolades from every corner of the world.

HBO Now is always out there redefining the standards of entertainment and drama in the prime-time network. The latest features and all the updates just look more promising to guarantee complete viewer’s satisfaction. With the HBO Now TV Code, it has also ensured top security measures and verifiable credentials. All of this makes HBO Now everybody’s preferred channel for watching new TV shows. Got something to share? Connect with us in the comment section below.

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