Hbogo/activate – Set Up & Activate Your Smart Device on HBO

If you recently bought a brand new HBO Go subscription, you may have some questions regarding the streaming services set up. Obviously, activating your account and unlocking its vast inventory of shows is the first thing you want to do. So, read on to learn more about ways of syncing your favorite shows and films all across your choice of devices.


What is HBO GO?

HBO Go is a premium on-demand video streaming service that can be accessed via the American cable network provider HBO. HBO Go goes beyond just supplying the regular soaps. It is an exclusive and highly esteemed streaming network that is loved and celebrated worldwide for its selection of carefully curated content.


Several significant and exceptional titles produced and telecasted on this network have changed TV media’s landscape altogether. Some of the titles HBO Go is most remembered by are Game of Thrones, Veep, Watchmen, and so many more. Given the high buzz around the HBO brand and the meteoric rise of the popularity and need for online streaming platforms, HBO Go was born.

This addition lets you stream all your favorites on the HBO catalog, and more so online – anytime, anywhere.  Lovers of TV shows and quality films are always looking for fresher and more dynamic content from everywhere. HBO Go can proudly boast of its award-winning titles and easy accessibility and help you find your new favorite.

Binging on online content is all the trend now, and you can quickly satisfy your need for some excellent and sharply written TV content from the shows and films available on the HBO Go platform.

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How to Set Up HBO Go On Your Smart Devices?

HBO Go is available on almost all platforms, including Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, and other smart TVs. You can activate your HBO Go account on any of your favorite smart devices in few easy steps! Now you can enjoy all your chosen TV Shows and films on a high-resolution smart platform, which can be accessed in whichever way whenever you like! Follow the steps below to unlock this feature for your HBO Go!

  • Go to your Smart TV and search for the HBO Go application. Click on it.
  • You will find an instruction on the screen asking you to connect to your provider account.
  • Further instructions will pop up on your TV screen; just keep following those.
  • If you activate your account through a web browser or a mobile phone, you can go to the main website. Click on this link to get redirected there.
  • You can also scan the QR code displayed on your smart TV screen. Use your mobile phone to complete the scanning.
  • Suppose you have used the activation through the URL method, carefully put in the codes that will pop up on your TV screen. Hit the continue button after that.
  • If you have chosen the activation through the QR Code method, then either you will get redirected to the HBO Go app on your mobile, or your connected smart TV will get activated by default.
  • The final step is to correctly choose your service provider and fill out all the credential details. If you are unaware of the correct id and password, you can seek help from your service provider, and they will give you all the necessary details.

How to Activate Your HBO Go Account?

Now that you have successfully connected your HBO Go account with your smart TV, the next step is to actually activate your account for you to start enjoying the full HBO experience. The steps to activate your HBO GO account are fairly easy to follow, so read on to learn more!

  • The first step is to enter the URL of the official website on the web browser.
  • You can click on this link to get redirected to the main website.
  • Once you have opened the website, you will see a list of TV providers for you to choose from. Choose the name of your V provider from the list mentioned there.
  • After that, there will be instructions on the screen asking for your personal details such as your name, email address, and password.
  • In the next step, you have to enter the unique ID of your HBO Go account.
  • After you have filled that out correctly, click on the ‘Register’ button.
  • The next step is to make sure that all your details are correct because, after this, your HBO Go account will be automatically activated on whichever preferred device you want.

HBO GO on Mobile Devices

This incredible streaming service is also available on your mobile devices. You can watch your favorite shows using the HBO Network mobile app and mobile web browser. So, along with smart devices like LG TV, Roku Streaming Player, U verse, and others, you can get unlimited access to HBO GO from mobile devices as well. 


Are the HBO Go and HBO Max the same streaming services?

No, both of them are completely different from each other. HBO Go is a streaming service that lets you access all your favorite TV shows and films on-demand, exclusively from the HBO network. You can get access to this streaming service as an additional benefit from your pre-existing HBO subscription.
HBO Max is entirely different than this, as it offers much more curated and exclusive content that is not available on any other HBO platform. And, you can also get full access to this feature with your already bought HBO subscription.

Can I get HBO Go with HBO subscription?

Yes, you can get HBO Go with your existing HBO cable or satellite plan. Your subscription will already have this addition; you have to manually sign in with your HBO credentials to you the HBO Go app or homepage.

Is it safe to activate and set up your HBO Go account on your smart devices?

Yes, it is totally safe to connect and activate your HBO Go account on any smart TV that you have. The steps are quite simple and easy to follow, so be careful with the information you are putting in and access the activation portal through HBO’s official website.

Conclusion Binging on internet entertainment is all the rage these days, and the episodes and films available on the HBO Go platform may rapidly satiate your craving for high-quality, well-written television. 

HBO Go is a fan favorite online streaming service app offering a wide range of quality movies and TV shows. This step-by-step guide will help you to activate HBO GO on smart devices. So after connecting your HBO GO account to your smart devices at home now, you can enjoy all your favorite content in a much larger and high-quality way! Stream this channel whenever you are in need to watch some incredible TV content.

The activation process may take a few seconds from the time the activation code in the activation URL is transmitted on the Activate Device screen. Get exclusive channels and favorite channel on your favorite device/streaming devices. Just lay back, and enjoy the HBO experience! Get your channel activation code now!

For those with cable TV subscriptions that include the premium channel, HBO Go is now available for activation at no extra cost. Click that Sign-in button with the step by step guidelines above.

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