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Funny animal videos are something that can lift the mood of anyone in any situation. For example, if you are having a terrible day and cannot keep yourself together anymore, you might need a cat telling you, ‘I Can Has CheezBurger.’ If that brings a smile to your face, then you must be familiar with the website of Icanhas.cheezburger.com or ICHC!


If you are looking for ways to upload the video to I Can Has CheezBurger then this article will be very helpful. We will discuss what video sites to upload to, upload to the best video sites, and monetize these videos to make them more profitable.

About ICanHas CheezBurger:

ICHC was founded by two Hawaiian friends, Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami. The website is formatted as a blog, and the vibe here is community-like. The website had been a success since it was created in 2007. Within May, the website saw its highest hits, i.e., 1,500,000 hits in a single day. Since then, it has only grown up on the ladder of success. Due to its amusing content, millions of people are naturally attracted to visiting the site. 


Another good thing about ICHC is that the users can comment on the various posts that are uploaded here regularly on this website. To know more about Icanhascheezburger, you can read our article. In addition, the users upload videos here, and that is what makes the website so much fun. While many videos are uploaded here daily, the website moderators upload some dozen or so videos regularly. The website’s content is updated when the footfall on the site is the highest; for instance, during the morning, or lunch hours, or in the evening.

Uploading a video on ICanHas.CheezBurger.com:

If you have a pet and want to upload their shenanigans on the website of ICHC and make them famous and get famous yourself as well, you will have to follow many steps. 

cheezburger upload
  • As the first step, you will have to visit and sign up for the website. You cannot upload your pet’s video on ICanHasCheezBurger without signing up.
  • Once you have signed up using your Facebook or Gmail ID, you will have to log in to your account. 
  • After logging in, you will be able to see a button that says ‘submit.’
  • Clicking on this button will take you to the next page, where you will be able to upload the video of your pet that you have recorded.
  • The website offers several other features that will help you edit your video and make it funnier.

Important facts to note while uploading a video on ICHC:

When uploading videos to I Can Has CheezBurger: 

  • Make sure that you use the highest quality video possible. There are many free video sites out there, and you can still get high-quality and low-quality videos.
  • You can also add captions to your videos. It is recommended to add at least one in English because you will need a translator if there are any technical difficulties with the video. You can also use audio and subtitles.
  • When you upload your video to I Can Have CheezBurger, make sure that it has a title, tags, description, and thumbnail. When you have done this, you should see your video on the main page of their site.

Once you have uploaded the video, it will show up on the main page of the site. People can then click on the play button on the video and view the video.

If your video is not showing up, you need to either make a few edits or submit the video to one of the other video sites. There is probably a different video site for each niche that you belong to.

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When you monetize the video, it will cost money. So make sure that you have the right kind of keywords in your video to make it more profitable.

You can also use AdSense to monetize your video. But it is a little more complicated to set up, and it takes more time to watch the video to see if people actually click on the ads.

What to do after uploading the video?

After you have uploaded your video to I Can Have Cheezburger, the next step is to add a description box to the bottom of your video. This will help the search engines indexing your video so that it will appear on Google.

Next, you will want to put your links in the comments. These links will be the link to your video and the website where you host the video.

After your video is uploaded, you will also need to get the website hosted on I Can Have Cheezburger. You can do this by hiring an agency to handle this part of the process for you or doing it yourself.


Now you can post your new video. Just make sure that you leave comments with the URL of your website as the first comment.

Remember to leave your URL in the last comment. It will save a lot of time when you are submitting your videos to various video sites.

Now that you have uploaded all of your videos, you may want to consider adding a video hosting program like YouTube. You may even want to host the video on MySpace too.

This way, if you start getting traffic to your videos, the videos will start to rank better in the search engines. In addition, if you are using an RSS feed on I Can Have CheezBurger, you will be able to syndicate the videos across many other blogs.

When you have your videos available, you may want to promote them to get them seen by more people. You can do this by posting to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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The more you have visitors to your videos, the higher they will rank on the search engines. So you will want to focus on the video that is generating the most traffic.

The video going live:

Once you are done uploading your pet’s video, the website modifiers and handlers will be made live on the site. So people will be able to see your video and comment on it as well. 


ICHC does not offer any royalty or monetary prizes to people who upload their pet videos on the site. However, it does help to reach your videos to its huge user base and make your pet quite a famous one. The site does not take responsibility for the content published on their website, and so when you are uploading the video of your pet, you should be solely responsible for what it shows and how the public reacts to it. 


There are several video sites to upload to. It is one of the popular internet sites. It now has six sister sites. The network also includes FAIL Blog Know Your Meme.  Some of them may be free, while others may charge a subscription fee. Some sites are more popular than others, such as YouTube and memebase while some video sites may have millions of views per month. Also, watch relatable videos like an adorable otter and other such videos. Become an internet sensation by posting funny videos of animal friendships or human friend, funny pictures, awesome videos, and other video in minutes. Become a cultured person of the new age. billions of people in a network of images or electronic network of images become internet sensations over night. Get the possibility of rapidly fitting a blog organization or a Bomb Blog to fulfill the fickle tastes of a web-shrewd crowd.

With the various features available on the ICHC site, you can get creative and make your video more interesting and meme-worthy. The more your video evokes laughter, the more popular it will be. So, wait no more and upload your pet’s quirky activities and image on ICHC today. And also, if you are a cat people add this to the list! And if you have a question about the site, do leave a comment down below.

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