– How to Get Kiezel Pay Code to Activate K-pay!

KiezelPay is a secure and simple gateway for developers to receive payments for smartwatch apps and watch-face. Developer uploads watch-face and apps on Kiezel Pay. It takes around 30 minutes to upload. Once the developer adds the apps on the supported app stores, sit-back, relax and wait for them to buy your application. From the the customers need to add the code showing on their smart watch’s screen because the particular app or watch-face which is being installed needs to be purchased for use!


If a customer buys a new watch, he/she needs to pay for the watch-face just for one time. To know more about Kiezel Pay Purchase, continue with our content.

If the customer already purchased a watch-face from KiezelPay, they need not repurchase it. A customer can pay through Paypal or credit/debit card. Before we continue with the Kiezel Pay Activation, you can read about more access guides like YouTube Activation on Smart DevicesNBC Sports Activation, and more on this site.

The best part about Kiezel Pay is that the developers get paid for all the purchases through Paypal.

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Activate App or Watch Face from Kiezel Pay

To activate any app or watch face from Kiezel Pay, follow the steps :

  • Step 1: From any device, open the web browser and go to
  • Step 2: Switch On your smartwatch and open the app or watch face purchased from Kiezel Pay.
  • Step 3: A 5 digit code will be displayed on your watch screen.
  • Step 4: On the Kiezel Code page, enter the activation code on the requested area.
Kiezel Pay code activation page
  • Step 5: Click on “Continue” to start using the app or watch face, which has been installed.

Advantages of Kiezel Pay

  • You can easily install Kiezel Pay on any watch-face or any app.
  • All payments are performed via a stable PCI-compliant network.
  • Gain more resources and hold accessible improvements in the Fitbit, Pebble, or Garmin store.
  • Installing a trial based app or watch face is only two clicks away from your discoveries.
  • The payment methods are easily accessible. Pay through PayPal or any Credit/Debit card.
  • Check your overall profits, regular profits, and many more.
  • The developers can provide a discount to the buyers by providing them a promo code.
  • Kiesel Pay is always sales tax ready. No need to worry about charging taxes.
  • Conduct hassle-free payments from any country.

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Kiesel Pay History Lookup

After every purchase, the customer will receive a “Purchase Success” email from Kiezel Pay. This email will show the customers exactly what they bought and how to install those apps.

purchase successful on k-pay

To check up on the purchase history from kiezel Pay, follow up the guideline:

  • Step 1: Open a web browser.
  • Step 2: Visit the Kiezel Pay Lookup page to redirect to the purchase history.
  • Step 3: Enter the registered email address in the requested area.
Kiezel Pay Purchase history lookup
  • Step 4: Click on “Start Purchase Lookup.”
  • Step 5: You will be redirected to the email address to get access to all your Kiezel Pay purchases.

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Kiezel Pay FAQ

Is Kiezel Pay a one-time payment or a recurring payment option?

Kiesel Pay is a one-time payment option. All the apps or watch-faces sold on Kiezel pay needs to be bought for just one time to get a lifetime license. If you ever uninstall Kiezel Pay and reinstall it, then you can unlock your downloaded app or watch-face from the Kiezel Pay Unlock page.

Why is my Kiezel Purchase code popping up as an already used code or an unknown code?

The Kiesel Purchase code is valid for 60 minutes after the code has been provided. To get a new code, you need to switch off your watch face and switch it on again.
For the Garmin Smartwatch, shutdown your watch and start it again. Then get into the downloaded watch-face to get a new code.
On the Fitbit smartwatch, swipe up on the home screen, then again enter the watch-face.

Where can the customer find his/her purchase code?

Kiesel Pay doesn’t send a purchase code through email to their customers. The customer doesn’t need a code to switch to another watch-face.
Instead, you install the new clockface or app you want first and then wait until it requests you to pay again. Once that happens, you can unlock it also for free by going to using the code shown on the watch.
If it doesn’t ask you to pay again for any app purchase, you can normally start using your app. Before and after the unlock, the functionality is the same.


KiezelPay is a simple and secure solution for smartwatch app and watch-face developers to take payments. The Kiesel Purchase code is only valid for 60 minutes after it is given. You must turn off and on your watch face in order to receive a new code.

This article informs you about the Kiezel Pay Activation code, some of its advantages, and how to check your purchase history from Kiezel Pay.

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