LoL Facebook Covers: An Easy Guide – Create Online Now!

If you’ve been playing League of Legends, you clearly get the attachment every Champion does to every summoner. It’s just an obvious thing for these future Challengers to be a part of you and be on your social media sites.

lol facebook covers

Other LoL fans also establish their gaming trademark by changing skins, making Youtube commentaries and cool avatars. New skins are really in and people are even trading for it when playing versus opponents. So, we made things easy for you by lolskin‘s free app below.

League of legends has a way into the lives of its fans, as they make everything about the legendary game including their social sites. You can easily identify who knows what about LoL from the pictures they upload on their social sites.

Some LoL fans gain their gaming strength by changing skins which makes their avatars a cool affair. new skins are trendy and also a good plot when facing your opponents in the game.

Steps to Create your LoL Facebook Cover

  1. Enter your preferred name in the box above. This name will show up on the Facebook cover image.
  2. Choose your favorite LoL Champion that you wish to see on your Facebook account. You can only select one Champion per cover photo.
  3. Click the “Make Your Cover” button below the Champion list. There’ll be a preview of the generated Facebook cover photo above the button.
  4. Click “Download” and your Facebook cover is now ready and up for grabs.
  5. You can now upload the generated image in your Facebook account.

There are beautiful Facebook cover art applications that you can use offline like the Super Dota 2. Leagueskin ensures to update the awsome patterns often for your use.

All you require is to Enter the name you intend to use then select your favorite general from the League of Legends then select create the image. Your cover uploads and changes in one hour to the super cool picture you selected.

Happy with your new LoL Facebook Cover?

We bet your friends are getting envious about your new Facebook cover. Change it as often as you can to intrigue those not playing the game. Share our page with them and get your squad new LoL Facebook covers now!

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Hopefully, you follow the above steps keenly and announce your connection to the great game of Legends to the world through your Facebook cover. No doubt that your friends will envy your new Facebook cover.

Got any thoughts or concerns? Leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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