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Thinking of registering at MasteringChemistry? Or you don’t know what it is yet? MasteringChemistry is an online homework and tutorial portal for students and yes, worldwide. What does it do? This portal helps the students to do better in their results. Use the resources in the Study Area to swiftly study course concepts and prepare for examinations. Dynamic Study Modules adapt to your progress in real time, assisting you in learning course material. Receive timely feedback and suggestions to aid in the identification of areas for improvement. That is exactly what MasteringChemistry will accomplish. is the official site for registering with the portal. If you have come across my previous posts on my website, I have explained how this online learning process works and its benefits. In this post, I will explain the registration and login process in detail. 


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Register with MyLab & Master Chemistry

Signing up with the site is easy. There are a few steps to follow, and the registration process will be done. 

  • Step 1: Go to the official site 
  • Step 2: On the right side of the homepage, you will find three options. ‘Sign-in’ for the existing users, ‘Student’ for the new student registration, and ‘Educator’ for the new teacher registration. Click on the ‘Student.’ 
  • Step 3: On the next page, you’ll find the ‘Ok, Register Now’ button. Click on the button to go to the sign-up page. 
  • Step 4: On the next page, provide your course ID in the box and click on the ‘continue button.
  • Step 5: You will be redirected to the payment page. Make payment through PayPal or credit card for the course.
  • Step 6: You are successfully registered with the portal. 

You will get your login details afterward. You can now sign in to with the credentials. 

Things Students Need to Sign-up with Mastering Chemistry Portal

There are three things one needs to sign-up for the site. One is a valid email ID, secondly a course ID, and finally Access Code, PayPal, or Credit Card to make the payment.

With your Access Code, you can redeem the amount during the registration process. However, if you don’t have an Access Code, you can use PayPal or Credit Card to make a payment.


Your instructor will provide your Course ID. If there is no course ID, the students will not be able to sign-up with the portal.

Mastering Courses Price & Cost

Mastering Chemistry offers different prices for different courses. The price list is available on the official website of Pearson & MyLab. The gross price of the textbook and the price of the instructor’s course are different. 

Textbooks are widely available on Amazon and other online platforms. These textbooks cost from $70 to $115 approximately.

The full-price list will be given to the student once they will register on the site. After login with Pearson sign-in details, the candidates will get the courses’ net price details. And if your browser security blocks the third-party cookies, you will need to allow Pearson websites as trusted or whitelisted sites.


These digital platforms are designed to be flexible, allowing you to customise a course to meet the specific demands of your curriculum and students. Each course starts with a foundation of interactive course-specific content — written by experts in respective fields — that you may customise and assign as needed. Mastering Chemistry offers fabulous Mastering courses. These courses are not only helpful for the students to improve their grades but also helpful for them to experience the digital learning process. Their diverse course topics, online assessments, course concepts are quite different from other online courses and online degrees. Try Mastering Chemistry and share your learning outcomes with us. Leave your feedback or your online learning experiences below in the comment box. And also queries related to student information details, student information center account, active courses, Personalized learning, active Mastering subscription, Modified Mastering, student portal or other such questions!

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