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Gymnastic has become quite a popular choice of sport in recent years. More and more parents are now encouraging their children to get involved in gymnastics as it not only offers prospects of career opportunities but also helps to keep one healthy, both mentally and physically. 

However, it often gets difficult to get the proper resources that are needed to flourish in the field of gymnastics. This is where MeetScoreOnline comes in. MeetScoreOnline or MSO is the premier site for gymnastics results for both adults and children. Gymnasts, parents, and enthusiasts race from one site to the next, generating nearly fifteen million visits over the last seven years.


Creating your profile:

One of the best things about MeetScoresOnline is that here one can create their own profile and highlight their skills and achievement. There is an option of creating an ‘athlete profile’ and that helps an individual to  showcase their talents and achievements on the site. By maintaining this profile one stands the chance of being noticed and thus do better in their career. 

Efficient customer service:

In case you are facing any trouble with accessing the site of MSO, you can easily contact their support team. They are available on mail, phone, text and on their social media handles as well. The MeetScoresOnline support team is a team of brilliant professionals who always ensure that the queries and troubles of the users of the site are properly handled. Whatever your problem with the site might be, the support team will take care in the minimum amount of time possible. 


Accessing live scores on MSO:

MeetScoresOnline also gives you access to live scores of various gymnastic events. However, this can be done only in case of events that publish their scores live and the user needs to have an ‘all-access pass’ to see the live scores. The live score feature is available on the mobile application of MSO.


In order to have the ‘all-access pass’ that would help a user to get complete access to all the live published stats and scores on the site, the following need to be done: 

  • One needs to create an account on MeetScoresOnline as the first step.
  • On the next step, one has to click on ‘menu’, then on ‘user options’ and finally on ‘Live Subscribe’.
  • On the next page, the user has to opt for the All-Access Pass + Live Scores.
  • The next step is paying for the subscription and it can be done via PayPal.
  • Once the user has completed their payment, it might take two or three minutes for their subscription to get activated. 
  • After the activation is complete, the user would be able to see the real-time scores on their browser on the search page.

The site also offers software vendor support to its users. This means that if an user is facing technical trouble with their scoring software then they can contact the vendor directly. Regarding the publishing feature of the software, the site offers complete information about that as well.

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Registering your event on MSO:

Gymnasts can also register their own events on MeetScoresOnline. They can publish their score on the site live and can also distribute everything related to their event on MSO. It gives a wonderful platform to the organizers of gymnastic events as things can be done online without much hassle. Moreover, due to the huge number of hits MeetScoresOnline gets per day, registering one’s event on the site would ensure its success and would increase the chances of the participants getting noticed.


Other useful features of MSO:

MSO offers many features that make it easier than ever to find gymnastics meets’ results. For instance,

  • Parents can see the rankings of their children. 
  • Compare them with other gymnasts.
  • Compare them with those of the top performers from their school. 
  • In addition, they can search for teams, individual gymnasts and find the best gym that has a meet scheduled on that particular day.

You can view your gymnasts meets results from MSO with a click of a button. For example, you can view the top 10 gymnasts in each of the meet events. You can also go to MSO to view the best times that gymnasts performed at each event. You can also see which gymnasts placed within each event.

Reasons to join MSO:

  • Many gymnasts are interested in joining MSO, because it is not only free to sign up, but it gives them access to information that is important to their growth as an athlete. 
  • MSO has a gymnastics membership area. It features news and articles that inform gymnasts of upcoming meets, upcoming tournaments and competitions, and how they can perform better. 
  • There are also a variety of features such as a newsletter, gymnastics tips and articles about different gymnastic routines. Other features include a calendar and an interactive gymnastics video player.
  • The gymnastics video player is a feature found on MSO that allows users to watch gymnastics videos that show them how to do different gymnastics moves. 
  • Some of the gymnastic videos included in the videos section include Olympic gold medalists doing different gymnastics moves, gymnasts doing different gymnastics moves and even gymnasts showing off their gymnastic skills.

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MSO Newsletters and how they help:

If you have a child who loves gymnastics but cannot attend a meet or cannot make it to a tournament, there are many options to keep in touch with them by sending them newsletters from MSO. 

Parents can subscribe to receive a newsletter that highlights the latest gymnastics activities at each club, and inform parents of any changes at MSO or gymnastic clubs around the country. Some of the most popular newsletters include 

  1. “What to Expect When You’re Gone,” 
  2. “Upcoming Gymnastics Events,” 
  3. “Gymnast Newsletter”Gymnast Newsletter – Winter Breaks.” 

There are also some monthly newsletters sent to address specific gymnastics clubs, such as, 

  1. “Bend It Like Beckham,” 
  2. “Gymnastics News”
  3. Gymnastics News – Spring Break.”

As gymnastics parents, you know that keeping in touch with your gymnasts is critical to their development. The Newsletter will help you stay informed on the latest activity at MSO and provide links to related sites for the latest gymnastics activities.

For parents, it is also important to know that MSO offers a wide variety of other tools such as email newsletters to help gymnasts keep in touch and be informed. There are links to additional newsletters such as 

  • “Gymnast Newsletter – Spring Break,” 
  • “Gymnast Newsletter – Summer,” 
  • “Gymnastics Newsletter – Fall”
  • “Gymnast Newsletter – Winter Breaks.”

Parents and gymnasts can also find out the latest gymnastics news on MSO. The website includes information such as 

  • “Gymnast News – Fall,” 
  • “Gymnast Newsletter – Winter Breaks,” and 
  • “Gymnasts Need Help!”

Social Networking features of MSO:

MSO also has a variety of social networking features that will allow parents to connect with each other as well as their gymnasts. The website allows gymnasts to chat with each other and interact with the other’s parents to share tips and advice.

There are also many different gymnastics clubs throughout the country and countries where gymnasts may travel to perform gymnastics, meet, practice and even compete. and even study in an international gymnastics competition.


Gymnastics is fun and rewarding and is often a lifelong passion. You want your gymnasts to have a positive experience. By using the MSO newsletter, they will have something to look forward to every week to keep them motivated and in good spirits during their time spent at MSO.

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