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In a world where everything is turning digital and online, we can’t rely much on cues and paper anymore. Even when it comes to payments, everything is happening online. No wonder that online payments are also becoming very popular. There are also many new credit and debit cards on the forefront today in the market and have made life easier for consumers who want to get things done online. These cards come with their own set of benefits and that is what makes them attractive to the consumers who want to make the most out of each online transaction they make.

MyBPCreditCard is one such card that allows consumers to pay online while offering them a host of other benefits. Using MyBPCreditCard not only makes a consumer eligible for a smoother financial transaction experience but also helps them to earn rewards while making the payment. 


However, in order to get the most out of, it is important to have an account on their site. Before getting started on the process of logging into MyBpCreditCard, you can take a look at MyBPCreditCard that is available on this site, to have your basics cleared on the BP Credit card.

Logging into your MyBPCreditCard account:

It is important that you are logged into your MyBPCreditCard account to avail of the benefits of the card. In order to login to your account, make sure you have registered yourself on the site and then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  •  As the first step, you will have to visit the official website of MyBPCreditCard.
  • After visiting the website, you will see that there is a button that says ‘sign in’.
  • On clicking that button, you will be asked to enter your username and password that you had set while registering yourself on the site.
  • Make sure that you enter your details correctly and then click on the button that says ‘secure login’.

With the successful completion of these steps, you will be able to login into your MyBPCreditCard account. Make sure to keep your login details like your username and password readily available when you are logging in. 

Making payments with MyBPCreditCard:

When you have an account on MyBPCreditCard, you will be able to make secure payments using the portal quite easily. In order to make payments using your card on the portal, you will have to follow these steps mentioned below:

  • As the first step of paying your bills using MyBPCreditCard, you will have to sign in to your account on the official website.
  • After that, you will have to tap on ‘billing and payment’ and choose the payment method you think is most suitable for getting your invoices. 
  • You can also make the payment by using your MyBPCreditCard by using phone or mail with a debit or credit card. You will not be charged anything extra if you pay using your credit card. However, in case you fail to meet the deadline for the payment, you might be charged with interest or a fine. 

If you wish to make payment by mail then you will have to dispatch the details of your credit card payment to the address, “BP PLCC & Visa, PO Box 965006, Orlando, FL 32896-5006”.

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Various types of MyBPCredit Card:

If you are considering using MyBPCreditCard as one of your payment options, then you should know the different types of cards that the company allows. This will help you to select the one that best suits your requirements.

mybpcredit-card types
  1. BP Credit Card: This card is quite like the Visa Card. The owners of this card are eligible for using the points that they earn after getting 100$ and above at the BP gas pumps and stations. 
  2. BP Visa Credit Card: Just like the name suggests, this one is almost identical to a normal Visa card and that ensures its wide range of accessibility. You get to use this card wherever a normal Visa Credit card is accepted. However, upon comparing this with the BP Credit Card, it can be said that the latter one is more beneficial for a user as it offers better returns.
  3. Fleet Fuel Card: The card functions solely on the number of purchases that are made through this card and the benefits also change according to that.
  4. BP Gift Card: These cards are quite beneficial to use as there is no expiry date that comes with these cards. Moreover, there are no additional fees for using these gift cards. Customers can harvest benefits out of this card by using it to pay for fuel, food products, and other services. 

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Advantages of using MyBPCreditCard:

One might wonder why they should choose MyBPCreditCard amid all the other available cards. The answer is simple, this card offers various benefits that the other cards do not. Here is a list of benefits one can avail out of using MyBPCreditCard:

  • For every 100$ that you spend from MyBPCreditCard, you will find a usable balance for every gallon after the first 90 days of the activation of your card.
  • Using the card will also make you eligible for getting certain loans and rewards without paying any extra amount of money.
  • In case you have fraudulent liability, you will be charged nothing for it as a holder of this card.
  • Having this card with you will make your payment experience better as you will not always have to carry cash with you. 
  • Moreover, when using this card, you will be able to make requests for withdrawals and other related financial activities without any sort of worries.

These benefits make MyBPCreditCard a very lucrative choice among users. If used with mindfulness one can gain from each transaction that is made through this card.

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Redeeming Rewards on MyBPCreditCard:

Using MyBPCreditCard helps you to gain a lot of rewards and there are two ways you can redeem these rewards for future use:

  1. One option is to get the reward credited directly to your bank account. In order to redeem rewards in this method, the customer should have a minimum of 7 cents rewards credit present in their account. 
  2. In the other method, a customer can choose to use their rewards immediately by making direct claims at the BP gas stations. This method gives the customer the chance to get extra fuel when they are redeeming the card. This helps the customer to save some money instantly by using the rewards.

Can You Use Your BP Credit Card Everywhere?

This is one of the questions that bother the customers when they think of getting MyBPCreditCard. However, there is no reason to be bothered as your BP credit card can be used globally. 

However, one thing that is to be kept in mind here is that when you are swiping your BP credit card outside the territories of the US, you will be charged 3 percent of the total quantity of the expenditure per swipe. 


These details about the BP credit card will help you to understand why it is an absolute must for users to have it. Besides providing financial benefits, this card also makes the process of online payment easier and hassle-free!

Among the thousands of credit cards, MyBPCreditCard is one of the most well-known credit card payment solutions and for trusted credit card payment in the United States. Users can now log into the the MyBPCreditcard official/ MyBPCreditcard Login page with the necessary login data, which includes login credentials, by using the registered My BP Credit Card login credentials. You can follow these simple steps/step procedure of MyBPCreditcard activation from the official MyBPCreditcard portal. For the first 90 days, the corporation will additionally give you $0.25 off per gallon for every $100 you buy in a store that accepts Visa cards. The main benefit of the My BP Credit Card is that it rewards customers with extra reward or cash rewards when they spend more than $100 on things.

However, it is important to study each type of BP credit card so that you can take the one that best suits your needs. All the cards have different specifications and benefits that come with them, but you should be picking the one that you think will bring you the maximum benefits. The above steps conclude your registration process on the official portal smoothly.

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Hope this steps For MyBPCreditcard login helped. Get amazing cashback rewards. Check bank statements and make cashless transactions today.

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