mySupermarket — UK Grocery Price Comparison Website & App

mySupermarket was an online comparison site for buyers across the United Kingdom. It is an independent price comparison site for grocery shopping. Customers across the UK can check prices from various retailers before they buy their things. 


Founded in 2006 by Gilad Simhony, the site and the app closed down on the 1st of March, 2020. Here is everything you should know about mySupermarket. 

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mySupermarket – History & Background 

mySupermarket was founded in the year 2006 by Gilad Simhony. The main agenda of having this site was to inform the customers about various prices of groceries. Tesco, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, and Asda are the main four supermarkets mySupermarket has taken pricing data from. Along with the users, the site helps the marketers to set up their campaigns and enhance their market performance. 

  • In 2013, Gilad launched for its United States’ users. In 2014, another tool called ‘insights’ was launched that shows a real-time dashboard to the marketers. It means now brands can see the sales, deals, plans beforehand; they don’t need to wait till post-season analysis. 
  • In 2015, they launched mySupermarket Shops. Around 100 local and independent retailers were there to sell their products and various grocery items. 

Unfortunately, in 2020, Gilad declared its closing down after 14 years of a successful run. Along with employees, many customers show their disappointments towards this decision.

mySupermarket – How It Worked?

It was not a regular online shopping site; it was a comparison shopping site. Users could get the products directly from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, or Ocado. Discounts, deals, and other services, excluding payment gateway, were available on the mySupermarket site. 

My supermarket had all the prices from Amazon, Walmart, and other markets on their US version. You can find all the price details, including promotions and memberships, on the site before purchasing.

People who were regular at the site showed their concern many times over no-payment gateways. However, the company didn’t move from the original content and continued to be a comparison shopping site than regular online supermarkets. 

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mySupermarket – Alternatives in London, United Kingdom was closed down in March 2020. It is almost a year, but not many such sites come in highlight. A group of three people has started a new site, namely This site is similar to my supermarket site. The site is free, and any customer can sign-up to see the lowest price different stores offer. 


Latest Deals, just like my supermarket, does not sell any product directly. You can check the price, compare them, and can see the trending items available. For favorite items of the brands , it is easy to understand the market share and performance of their product sales. 


MySupermarket limited was one of the best price comparison websites in the UK with so many options. However, the site bid goodbye in 2020 with 144 employees in 3 locations. Please share your views and experience with us if you have any questions about mySupermarket business or the company by commenting below. Ask us about supermarket price comparison / supermarket comparison, price comparison tool / price comparison app, grocery comparison shopping, best-priced items, health items, big-ticket item or anything from the article in the comment box.

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