» Register to Activate Card is the online site that helps you to get your Vanilla Card. In my last post about MyVanillaDebitCard, I have mentioned about how the card works and how you can get it. MyVanilla card is a prepaid and debit card that works in the same way as a debit and charge card.
This card can be used to make purchases, as well as to get direct deposit and other services. Before you proceed, you can check out the previous post on MyVanillaDebitCard.


The official site allows the cardholders to activate their prepaid debit card. The registration process is easy. One can apply for the card and activate it for better use anytime by registering with the official site. 

How To Register with My Vanilla Debit Card Site

Anyone who is not a Vanilla Cardholder can apply and register for this prepaid debit card. Registration needs a few steps and a few personal information about the applicant. By registering with the site, the user can have an online account and a prepaid debit card for their online or offline purchases. 

In my last post, I have already shared how to apply for the MyVanilla card. Please read about how to apply MyVanillaDebitCard to know more about the process. 

Why do you Need Myvanilla Prepaid Debit Card?

  • Debit cards are not new. People around the world are using visa debit cards, MasterCard, credit cards, and other forms of plastic money. MyVanilla Card is one such prepaid card that helps people to purchase goods, make payments, receive payments through direct deposit. 
  • Apart from such financial services, the MyVanilla prepaid card helps you earn cashback. With every purchase you do, you can earn a good amount of cashback. Most of the time minimum of 1% cashback is available with the vanilla debit card. 
  • Besides cashback and other financial services, the MyVanilla website has a swift customer care service. Their customer support phone number is available for users across the globe. Users also can drop a mail at their mailing address. 
  • It is much easier for the users to deposit money to the debit card. People who use Walmart a lot can easily load money through Walmart Rapid Reload Service. 
  • With the MyVanilla account, one can easily access their account balance and all other cards related information. 

Activating MyVanilla Debit Card Online 

Once you have registered or applied for the MyVanilla card, you will get login details for card activation. For the visa card or MasterCard activation, one needs to go to the official login page of the site. 

  • Firstly, go to the login page of the site. Now you must have login credentials to log in to the site. However, if you don’t have your details then you can click on the ‘Set up your Card’ button. 
  • Once you will click on that button, you will be redirected to the page where you have to select the card type MyVanilla or Mio Money. 
  • As you select your preferred card, go to the next page, and enter your card number. On the next box enter the CVV. 
  • As you hit the Submit button, your card activation process will be done. You will get your username and password.
  • Get back to the login page. Log in to the site with your details and start using your card account easily. 

MyVanilla Mobile App & Mobile Wallet

MyVanilla Debit Card has a mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. One can easily download the app for free, fill out with correct information, and use the app to check card balance and other services. With the mobile app, money management will be easier than ever. 


For the Android Users, here is the direct link to the download page

For the Apple Users, here is the direct download link 

Mobile Wallet & Vanilla Debit Card

Just like other Visa Card or Credit Card, MyVanilla gift cards can also be added to the mobile wallets. With this gift card, you can enjoy all the online benefits like other bank cards or other gift cards. 

This card can be added to the wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and others. Once you add the card, open the app, go to the login page, enter the required information, and send or receive money whenever you want. For any difficulties regarding portal login, users can call at the customer service number anytime.

Contact MyVanilla 

MyVanilla’s contact details are available on their official site. Their mailing address is at Fortson GA. However, their customer service number is available round the clock for the people in and around the United States. 


Coming into the conclusion, MyVanilla card is easy to get and very much easier to use. All you have to do is to visit the official site or from the links provided above and register. This prepaid debit card is available to anyone who is not a Vanilla Cardholder. A few steps and some personal details about the applicant are required for registration. The user can create an online account and a prepaid debit card for their online purchases by registering with the site. Fill it with your name, contact address, and some more information and you will get the work done.

Get regular account alerts, card balance, payment alerts, and much more with the app. Share your views with us, comment below.  Ask us about Money Transactions, PIN Transactions, User personal / User Consent, Time Management, VanillaDirect load, Funds in MyVanillaDebitCard, Transfers between cards, MyVanilla client care, Cash advance fee, Cash Management Program, Deposit without Charge or anything from the article.

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