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The world is working online and so is our money. We need online banking and even reliable banking services to get through life today. USDirectExpress offers a safer and more convenient way to receive federal payments. Cardholders can buy at stores that acknowledge Debit MasterCard, buy cash orders from the U.S. Mailing station, take care of tabs, and get some cash from ATMs or money-related foundations that display the MasterCard undertaking mark. This preloaded money card gives the simplicity and security of going through and dealing with your cash instead of utilizing the money for all kinds of purchases. So many benefits right? Learn how to activate, use and add money to DE card in the article below.


No credit check or ledger is an absolute necessity to enlist. There is no month to month account expenses or sign-up charges. Bunches of card administrations are free. Extra insights concerning the card are accessible on their site in USDirectExpress. Whoever gets a government favorable position can pursue a USDirectExpress card. 

Benefits of

Card clients should in any case know potential expenses. For example, card clients can get money from an ATM one time each month with no charges. At that point, there is a $0.90 charge for each withdrawal. The ATM should in like manner be in the Comerica Bank organization.

You can ward off the additional ATM charge during a store buy or by getting money back from a bank. Recollect that to utilize the card at a store. The store ought to acknowledge MasterCard. Different installments incorporate a $0.75 charge for a month to month paper articulation and a $1.50 expense to lift cash to an individual ledger. 

The US Department of Treasury suggests the USDirectExpress Card from Comerica for government advantage beneficiaries. Getting your government advantage installments has never been this advantageous and direct.

Besides the pressure and straightforward receipt of your regularly scheduled installments, USDirectExpress cardholders appreciate huge advantages. To eliminate the problem of experiencing a few locales, we’ve recorded down the energizing advantages that you can get with your charge card. 

However long you are accepting installments and advantages, for example, government-backed retirement, supplemental security pay, and VA, you may select the US Direct Express program. Dissimilar to the standard card programs, the USDirectExpress card doesn’t need some other financial balances or credit checks for you to pursue an application. In case you’re additionally a holder of a charge or Visa, you may be comfortable with the charges related to the utilization of the card. These incorporate the charges for joining and your month to month account.


Activating your Card

Your card account number is the digits embellished on the facade of your card as demonstrated as follows. It is one of the main subtleties in your card. Tragically, USDirectExpress doesn’t make their record and steering numbers openly accessible for their cards. You can’t make some other installments besides those demonstrated beneath.

USDirectExpress check cards are utilized for the programmed move of government advantage installments. Aside from returns for buys made with the card or prizes from your PayPerks, no different sorts of installments can be stored on your card. Before you could utilize your DirecExpress card, you should initially activate the card. You may activate your card utilizing the strategies depicted on the official site.


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Online enrollment is just accessible for cards with card numbers starting with 5115 63. At the point when you have gotten to the USDirectExpress site, search for the Activate/Register gadget that will resemble the accompanying. Simply enter your card number and snap on the Activate/Register button. On the off chance that you as of now have a financial balance, think whether the US Direct Express card is the most ideal decision for you.

You likewise have the alternative of pursuing an immediate store. You can pursue an immediate store or the USDirectExpress card by calling 1-800-333-1795 or online at or online through their site. You may likewise enact your card by reaching the US Direct Express Customer Service Department. The contact number for client administrations printed at the rear of your card. 

Signing up in

On your PC or cell phone, open your internet browser. Go to the USDirectExpress site by setting off to their site. You will at that point be taken to the US Direct Express landing page. You will at that point see this gadget on the page: 

Look at the beginning numbers found on the facade of your cash card. Select the one coordinating on the screen and snap Proceed to Login. Depending on the beginning digits of your card, you will be diverted to various login pages 


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Adding money to Cards beginning with different Numbers

The dispatch pages rely upon the beginning quantities of your card. In the event that your card begins with the numbers 5332 48, follow these steps Click on the Create New User You will at that point be diverted to the enrollment page that resembles this. Enter all appropriate subtleties on the fields given. These subtleties are Card number, Security code, Social Security Number (SSN), Zip code, Email address, User ID Password. Review all the data that you have composed in and Click Submit 

Then, if your card begins with the numbers 5332 48, you will be taken to a page that will resemble this. It appears to be unique from the first however bears similar highlights. Scroll down and take a gander at the base left corner of the page You will see the Activate/Register Card Enter your card number Review the number that you have composed in and Click on the Activate/Register button 

Signing in to your US Direct Express record online is basic and advantageous. We’ve made a bit by bit control beneath on the most proficient method to get to your record on the web. 

On your PC or cell phone, open your internet browser. Go to the USDirectExpress site by composing in the location bar You will at that point be taken to the US Direct Express landing page. Look at the beginning numbers found on the facade of your check card Select the one coordinating on the screen and snap Proceed to Login Depending on the beginning digits of your card, you will be diverted to various login pages 

In the event that your card begins with the numbers 5332 48, this is what the login page would resemble. It is basic yet practical. Type in your User ID on the field given and Click Submit. In the event that your card begins with the numbers 5332 48, at that point follow these means – Type in your User ID on the field given Enter your secret word on the field given, and click Login.


It is helpful and obvious to pursue your own USDirectExpress card. You can open a card account for as long as you are a recipient of the government benefits and installments listed above. You can get in touch with the US Direct Express card enrollment center by dialing 1 (800) 333-1795. Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., the enlisting community is open. You can also go to your local government’s payment office.

USDirectExpress makes receiving government payments safer and more convenient. You have the option of transferring assets from your US Direct Express card account to your own US ledger. For each asset move, a small fee of $1.50 is levied. Call the Customer Service Department at the number on the back of your card to relocate your reserves. You can also go to the US Direct Express website. The directing number for Bank of America in New York is 021000322 if the client help representative asks or make inquiries.

Direct express emergency cash advance is also available. Afer you are logged in, you can then go to your account on the DirectExpress website and choose Mobile Card Services. 

One of the benefits of this online account is that, compared to traditional credit cards, the Direct Express Debit MasterCard by other financial institution like Comerica Bank, only let’s you go and spend the amount on your card. If you lost your direct express card you can go to the nearest Comerica bank branch and re-apply for one easily.

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Enjoy services and keep track of records. I hope the above instructions were helpful. If you have any queries or questions, don’t hesitate to use the comment section. You can also contact Direct Express for direct setup Direct Express and for 24-hour customer service!

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