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Redelivery is the answer to all your problems with the delivery service! It is essentially the wing of the postal services, making sure that your package ultimately gets delivered to you if it got failed at the first delivery attempt. Thus, making your life a little easier and allowing you a more incredible deal of flexibility while choosing the date to pick up your mail. If you are unsure about the workings and the several features of, keep reading to learn more.


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This postal service allows you to secure your package without having to contact the original sender. Hence, no more hassle and problems with the local post office about your missing mail! Now you can access all the information with one tap. Most of the time, your package delivery gets failed due to three main reason: 

  • A unique signature or an additional fee is required for the postage services, and nobody was available to provide those. 
  • The items that were in the mail package could not be fit properly in the provided mail receptacle. 
  • There was not any secure area where the package could have been dropped off. 

The Redelivery postal services are available throughout the United States in several main cities. You can quickly check for the service’s availability in your city by entering all your postal details such as name, address, phone number, and email address on the main website by clicking here. Make sure that you are putting down all the accurate details, and once you are done, click the ‘Check Availability’ button. 

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How to use for order pickup?

You can easily cancel or reschedule your date or mode of delivery. The delivery service allows you to be flexible with your schedule so that you can pick up your parcel at your convenience. The Redelivery Service offers you the option of picking up your package whenever you can go to your nearest post office.

If you want the parcel before your scheduled delivery date, you may go to your local postal office and ask them for your package by showing your photo identification proof and your Redelivery Notice Form 3849 (PS Form)

However, it must be noted that this service can only be availed just one day before the day of the scheduled delivery drop. Another alternate way is also made available to Relideivery Postal Services customers: someone else picking up the package for you. 

You can designate somebody else to get your parcels from the postal office, but certain formalities must be fulfilled first. There is a form that they must fill out with all the necessary personal details, including the name of the original recipient.

However, this little option is not primarily available for all mail delivery types, such as Registered Mail and package deliveries having restricted delivery.  

Follow the given steps below to cancel or reschedule your redelivery pickup online:

  1. The first thing that you should definitely remember is that the cancellation of the redelivery can only take place just a day before the scheduled day of the package drop off. 
  2. To change the date of the redelivery drop, you must find the confirmation email sent by them.
  3. This email was sent when you placed the order with the Redelivery service for your package delivery.  
  4. Once you have opened the email, look for the button that says ‘Edit this request.’ Click on that, and you will be redirected to another webpage. 
  5. You may directly visit the Redelivery Services webpage and go to your account to check out more options related to your current order.
  6. Over there, you will find the button called ‘Edit an existing request’ – you have to click on this one. 
  7. Your account at will only be unlocked once you log in with your correct login id and password credentials.
  8. This will ensure that your request to change your current order goes smoothly. 
  9. Now that your account is unlocked, you can check your orders’ status by clicking on the Activity History button. 
  10. Click on the View Details option for checking your orders. Several instructions will pop on the screen; follow each one carefully. 
  11. Navigate through the options and find the tab called How you want to get your mail. Over there, you have to change the preference from carrier redeliveries – to ‘Customer will pick up.’ 

How to use for schedule and accept redelivery?

There are several options available to schedule the redelivery of your package drop off. Also, you can accept the package at your convenience as well. Read on to learn more about the available options.  

  • Package Redeliveries for Residential purposes
  1. A person who is responsible enough to carefully pick up the delivery package from the recipient’s address. 
  2. Any agent referred by the addressee. 
  3. You can also get someone else to pick up your package. This authority can only be formalized after the PS Form 3801 has been successfully filled. This is also known as a Standing Delivery Order. 
  4. Another way is by informing the local post office about the person you are designating to pick up your parcel. You can write them a letter with the PS Form attached to it. The person picking up the package would have to provide all the necessary identification proofs such as an authorization letter and photo id. 
  • Package Redeliveries for Business purposes
  1. The customers opting for the business redelivery system can also take full advantage of the PS Form 3849. This way, there is a whole lot of flexibility for picking up the package at your best convenience. 
  2. A safe and secure delivery, with proper signature, is quite essential for the successful delivery of these packages. Even an authorization proof with the designation of the person picking up the package (on behalf of the original recipient) is also required. 

How to use for scanning QR Codes?

QR Codes are basically a form of barcode scanning feature. This is a square instead of the traditional rectangular one seen around. QR Codes can directly transfer all of the information of the user who is scanning it. This definitely reduces the many steps in between and gets the job was done much faster.

Once you scan the PS Form’s QR Code, it will instantly redirect you to the official Redelivery website, where you will be prompted with a request for allowing redelivery to take place. Also, check out how to earn via and get Dish Anywhere via

There are many options available for the users to choose from regarding using this QR Code feature. They can directly do either of these two things. If you are wondering whether you have to download a separate application for the QR Code to be activated, then read on to learn more about it: 

  • Users of the iOS platform can easily open their mobile camera and scan the QR code without downloading any other external application on their phones. Once you have done scanning, a new link will pop on your screen, looking like –
  • You can have to copy-paste it on your Safari / Chrome browser and open the link. This link will automatically redirect you to the Redelivery website. 
  • Android users and iOS users can also download a QR Code reader application from the PlayStore and scan the QR Code present on the 3849 PS Form.
  • Once you have finished scanning, a link like this – will pop up. Click on it, and you will be instantly redirected to the Redelivery website. 

You will have total online access to the package. With their online services, now, it is much easier to schedule redelivery in a pandemic situation. 


Can I send someone else to pick up my Redelivery package? 

Yes, you can do so, but for that, the PS Form 3849 must be duly filled up, and the other person must show their authorization proof along with a photo id in the post office. 

Can I change my Redelivery date? 

Yes, you can easily change the date of your scheduled redelivery date, but it must be done only one day before the actual date. You have to go to your account settings on the main website and follow the instructions given there. 

Is it safe to get my package delivered through Redelivery Postal Services? 

Yes, it is 100%  safe and secure. The Redelivery service people take a great deal of care to ensure ultimate protection for your package and that it is delivered at the hands of the right person. Also, they maintain social distancing while delivering.


You can use this postal service to secure your delivery without having to contact the sender. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the local post office about your lost letter any longer! With only one swipe, you can get all the information you need. 

USPS redelivery service is a plus during coronavirus pandemic time. People across the USA can now schedule their redelivery through the online method. You can use USPS tracking tools to track your package online. The service makes sure to maintain social distancing while delivering the packages. 

With the USPS service, scheduling redelivery is easy. Whether you’re going on unexpected business trips or holidays, you won’t miss your packages. 

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