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Gifting someone is possibly one of the hardest tasks ever. There are so many things that have to be taken under consideration while scouting for that perfect present. Now, everybody’s favorite Walmart has made that quite simple for everyone by offering for everyone to easily avail! Sometimes the problem gets much more complicated, especially when you do not know the person in concern very well. Read on to learn more about its features and many uses!


Gifting something that they don’t particularly like may ruin the bond between the two of you, so it is crucial to find the most appropriate present. Gift cards enable the person to have the full freedom of choosing their preferred item from the shop and, overall, acts as a major benefit for both parties.

Gift cards can also be customized as per the occasion! Be it for a graduation, an anniversary, or just a token of love to celebrate an achievement – these cards have you covered fully, without any exceptions. 

How to activate

A Walmart gift card is fully customizable and gives a personal touch to the gifting process. This makes the user think of the sender every time, and that is the mere purpose of a card – to bring happiness to someone! 

However, the first to reap the full benefits of a Walmart gift card is to activate it. This activation process may sound a little too boring and tedious to some but be rest assured, it will only take a few minutes.

After that, your card will be successfully activated! There are certain major points to remember activating your card are: 

  1. If your Walmart gift card is worth less than $250, then you do not need to worry about the activation. 
  2. This also applies to cards purchased in bulk amount, but less than 25. 
  3. Walmart e-card or e-gift cards are automatically updated and do not need to go through the process of activation again. 
  4. The activation is only applicable to plastic cards, and/or above the total of  $250. 
  5. This is only done for security reasons, and the instructions for the activation of your card will be sent to the associated email address. This email will include all the credentials details you require for logging into 
  6. Once you have logged into your account on the website, you need to hit the Activation key to have the card start working. 

For queries related to what happens if and when you do not receive the said email, you can always directly contact the Customer Care and Support team.  

How to use your gift card to make online purchases?

A Walmart gift card gives you the option of redeeming the amount for online purchases, as well! This is a great advantage for people because nowadays most of the shopping that takes place is online. And, with the store’s never-ending catalog of things, it provides for the perfect website for whom it is worth going on an online shopping spree! 

More so, Walmart also gives you the privilege of stacking up your cards to get you the best deal ever! After you have loaded up on your cart with all the things you need, hit the checkout button. There you can simply choose the cards that you want to utilize. For details, keep reading the instructions below: 

Use your Walmart Gift card by following these easy few steps: 

  1. Click on the Checkout Section after you have added the things to your cart. 
  2. Upon reaching the checkout, you will find the option for selecting your preferred payment method. There will be several options before you. 
  3. There you will find the choice of Gift Cards. Select that option. 
  4. If you have already saved your Cards, you can automatically select them here or manually add them to your checking account. 

Walmart allows major credit companies to access the gift card options too. There are several other types of card choices available from their retail stores. This includes entertainment service gift cards too. These are basically cards that can be redeemed at the movie halls and more. Reason to learn more about the various types of Gift Cards.  

Walmart Plastic Gift Cards 


Walmart’s plastic gift card options are a great way of surprising your loved ones with such a thoughtful gift! This is an extremely sweet gesture that they will always remember you for. If you really want the perfect gift for someone, you can not ever go wrong with this option!

This plastic Walmart gift card is also known as the Basic Blue card. This card is extremely customisable, and the options are tailored for your best experience. You can gift them to your friends and family and have them select whatever that they want! You just have to set a monetary amount in it, between $10 to $100 – so that gives the receiver plenty of options to choose from. 

Walmart Speciality Gift Cards

The Walmart Speciality Cards are just like an upgraded version of the Basic Blue card. With this one, there is a much greater scope of adding your personal touches to it with several designs such as friends, babies, clotheslines, animals. Sports, wedding rings, and so on. There enough designs appropriate for every kind of mood and situation! 

These cards can be for certain restaurant treats as well! Quite truly the perfect gift, indeed. This Speciality Walmart Gift Card covers the restaurants Domino’s, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Olive Garden, Burger King, Papa John’s, and an endless list more.  

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If the recipient is into movies, you can give them a specific movie theatre gift card that can be redeemable for any movie they would like to watch. If the person is more into music, then gift them an iTunes card and watch them fill up with joy! All of these are possible with this card by Walmart.  

Walmart eGift cards


If you are much more interested in investing in a gift that is much more flexible, as well as eco-friendly in nature, then you can also opt for the e-gift card by Walmart. This card promises much more features than the regular Basic Blue Plastic card or even the Speciality card. Nowadays, much of our expenditure and random splurges happen online, with a wider variety of things available under the tip of our thumbs. 

Hence, gifting an eGift card to someone will definitely make them the happiest person ever. These eGift cards can be personalised just as well as the plastic cards. Add a personalised text message, throw in some designs and colours to brighten things up, add the money between the range of $5 to $200, and hit send!  

Walmart will send you an email between the first 48 hours, including all the details related to the gift card, PIN code, and all the stores where it is applicable. You just need to forward the same email to the gift card recipient and let them enjoy the wonderful gift. 

How to check balance on

If you are wondering how to check your Walmart gift card balance, you can just follow these steps below to get what you need in a hassle-free manner. 

  1. There is a specific unique code written at the back of your card. It is of 16 characters and can be seen along with a four-digit PIN code, as well. You have to note down these two number codes and enter them in any of Walmart’s associated stores online. 
  2. The card’s verification can be done only through the proper registration of the 16-digit number and the PIN code. 
  3. In case you are worried about your card getting stolen or misused, make sure to create an online account on Walmart’s official website. This way, you can always access the details of your card whenever you please. 

Difference between Walmart giftcards and Sam’s Club 

Walmart gift card can also be used to make purchases at Sam’s Club. It is useful to get a discounted price or do any kinds of shopping because the same person owns both these shops. So, you will definitely not face any problems while redeeming your Walmart gift card amount at Sam’s Club store. 

However, the major point to be noted here is that it can not be used interchangeably. Even though you can use your Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club without any second thought – the same is not applicable vice versa.

Any kind of points, premiums, offers, or memberships you are part of at Sam’s Club does not mean anything at the Walmart stores. So, you must be careful about that and not waste the perks of a premium card offer of Sam’s Club at the wrong place.


????Can I use the Walmart gift card for online purchases?

 Yes, you can use any gift card from Walmart for online purchases as long as the store supports the usage of those cards. You need to go through the list of the stores first before making and purchase. 

????How do I check the balance of my Walmart card? 

Go to the official website of Walmart and go to your account. Put in the 16-digit code and the 4-digit PIN code, both are mentioned at the back of your card, and check the balance from there. 

????Is it safe to use a Walmart eGift card? 

Yes, it is completely safe to use an Egift card from Walmart. You can redeem it at any of the supporting stores, and be rest assured that your personal information is safe. 


Gift cards can be personalised for any occasion! Whether it’s for a graduation, an anniversary, or just a token of affection to commemorate an accomplishment, these cards have you covered completely.

Walmart provides a variety of options while choosing a gift card for someone. You may get the option of an actual plastic card, an e-card. All of them have the same features, so you may utilize them at your convenience. All of these are easily redeemable without any added hassle. This is how the gifting process is made so much more joyful and stress-free. Feel free to ask us about Card swap, card PIN Code/Gift Card PIN, Maximum card balance, Bulk purchase, Internal Revenue Service, Party Service Provider, Third-Party Retailers, Major Retailers, Undisclosed recipients, additional funds, billing address, cash rewards, additional cash, Automatic payments or other queries.

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