LoL Challenger Avatar: Quick Ways to Make One – Create Online Now!

Challenger tier is one of the highlights of E-sports competitions that involve Mastery Level players & highly-skilled summoners. So, if you get the Challenger spot, you’re considered one of the elite players in your region.

A challenger is a player who began playing the game from season 1 meaning they have all the experience and know the game inside out. Don’t be discouraged but ask for help from legends like Prohibit who have gone through it all and is now coaching others on League of Legends.

Well, you can start off feeling like a ‘Challenger’ with a LoL Challenger Avatar. Isn’t it cool to be seen as a Challenger in your LoL profile? If you haven’t tried it yet, it is super cool. We, in lolskin, are happy to help you make one in few easy steps below.

Steps to make LoL Challenger Online

  1. Image Selection. Decide on what picture you will use for your LoL Challenger Avatar and save it in a specific folder.
  2. Upload. Click “Choose File“ above and a dialog box will pop up. Look for the picture you saved and select. It now uploads to the site and is ready to be customized.
  3. Adjust Image Settings. Upon completion of the upload, you can crop and adjust the picture. Additionally, you can zoom the picture for extra effects.
  4. Set the Image. Click “Crop and Upload Image” at the bottom left of the pop-up dialog box.
  5. Name your Challenger. AvatarYou may now enter your Challenger Avatar’s name and skin name.
  6. View your Challenger Avatar. Click “Make Avatar” to generate your Challenger Avatar. Voila! There’s your personalized Challenger Avatar.
  7. Download. Click “Download” to have your personalized Avatar Challenger.

Feel Ranked up with your New Challenger Avatar

Being one of the hardest leagues in LoL tournaments, the Challenger spot is indeed a piece of work. Other leagues allow unlimited players to join the competition, but the Challenger tier only allows 200 players. Thus, making it a tough road to take.

Now, go and show your newest Avatar to your opponents and feel the fury. For sure, you will invite more battles ahead. But if you need more confidence boost, make a versus image too and become a triple threat.

Along the way, you may feel bored by how your Champion looks. So while earning your way up, match your character to your champion by adding MOD skins. Do vice versa, by promoting your hero in your social media sites.

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Play the League of Legends and be a witness as to why everyone is playing and getting hooked. Don’t forget to share your concerns or thoughts. Comment below and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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