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ICanHasCheezBurger or shortly known as ICHC is an online website featuring graphic image macros and videos. It was developed by Eric Nakagawa, a Hawaiian, and his best friend Kari Uenebasami, from Hawaii. The site was one of the earliest Internet websites of its type, receiving more than one million visits a day at its height in May 2020. The website played a major role in bringing image macros into mainstream use and, as a result, making the internet memes on sites more profitable.


ICanHasCheezBurger Content

As it turns out, the website has a lot of video content on it. In addition, thereIn addition, there are several types of animation. One is called “Cheezburger,” a collection of animated images depicting different cheeseburgers. Some images depict various foods and their ingredients. There is also a list of “Top Cheeseburger Recipes” and a page showing the various toppings on the burgers.

Its users submit the content of ICHC, and the website hosts an image macro creation tool named the ‘LOL Builder.’ With the continuous growth of the site, the number of submissions has also increased every week. In 2007 July, the site had received almost 500 submissions a day. However, by 2008 January, the number had drastically risen to 8000 per day. The website posts only a dozen or similar numbers of content per day on the site. The site owners make sure to time the website updates when most visitors visit the site; like, in the morning or lunchtime or in the evening or any time of the week.

The site, being built on the submissions of its users, tries to maintain a community-like feeling. There is an interactive voting system where the users can rate images on the scale of one to five ‘cheezburgers. The process is done through themes as one image keeps continuously attracting the narratives. According to the founder, Nakagawa, this process intends to create a user creating a story, and then the community supplying the next part of it. Till the year 2013, ICanHasCheezBurger ran a wiki at SpeakLolSpeak.com that was designed to collect the popular phrases used in lolspeak.

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Some of the popular trends on the website of ICHC are: 

  • ‘ceiling cat’ (generally a white cat), 
  • the ‘itteh bitteh kitteh committeh’, 
  • ‘basement cat’ (generally a black cat), 
  • the Lolrus and his ‘Bukkit,’ invisible (something), 
  • fail (it has now been moved to the FAIL blog), 
  • ‘happy caturday,’ references to ‘cheezburgers’, 
  • ‘monorail kitteh,’ ‘kthxbai’ (OK. thanks, goodbye), 
  • ‘oh hai,’ and ‘om nom nom’ (as eating sounds). 
  • Snowclones, like ‘I am in your (noun), (verb ending in ing) your (noun)’ have been popularized by ICHC. 

Navigating Through the Site

The site is designed to be navigated easily. There are a few different buttons on the homepage; the first button is the search button. When clicked, the site offers to search for a keyword with phrases related to hamburgers.

After you submit your search results, it will show the search result page. If the user likes what they see on the page, they can then go to the next step, where they can leave feedback or leave comments about the burger or whatever they liked about the hamburger. You can even leave a poll.

Features and Sections on the Blog

The blog features: 

  • “Top Hamburgler Recipes,” 
  • “Cheeseburger Songs,” 
  • “Hamburger Facts” and 
  • “Cheeseburger Music.” 

You can read these blogs to get information about various types of burgers. For example, “Cheeseburger Songs” includes hamburgers and other burgers, such as a song about Cheddar’s. “Hamburger Facts” includes information about hamburgers, including their nutrition. And other interesting facts about them.

  • The “Cheeseburger Songs” section is basically an array of music that plays on a continuous loop while a series of pictures depict hamburgers and other burgers in the background. Each picture includes a short caption about the hamburger. For example, the hamburger song in the middle was made by the band “The Neighbourhood.”
  • The “Hamburger Songs” section contains many songs that can be played for free. However, other songs have to be purchased through an internet payment website. The most expensive ones are the “Cheeseburger Songs” that can be found in the menu bar. Other hamburger songs include those created by The Neighbourhood.

There are also several different sections on the website that offer some useful information. However, the most interesting section that I Came Here To Find is the “What’s New?” section, where you can find interesting news items, information on the latest trends in hamburgers, and much more.

You can also find out about upcoming parties and exhibitions of burgers. The “What’s New?” section also provides information on other places to buy burgers.

Apart from that, you’ll be able to know about hamburgers in the “Articles” section of the blog. Here, you can find some great pictures of burgers. You can even find pictures of celebrities wearing their favorite burgers.

  • The “Tips and Tricks” section is a great place to find information about hamburgers and the history behind them. You can even find how to make hamburgers at home.
  • “In short, the website provides a wealth of information on hamburgers. You will learn a lot of great information. In addition, you will find that it is very user-friendly with all the information readily available for free.

I learned that there is a great variety of burgers on the website. There are also lots of different places to buy burgers and hamburgers offered on the website every week.

You can even get information on the history of burgers. The hamburger recipes can also be found on this website.

The site also offers a section that tells you how to make hamburgers at home. The recipes include tips and tricks on how to make hamburgers that look like the real thing.

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Font used in ICHC:

On almost all the pictures that are available on ICHC, the Typeface ‘impact’ is used. However, the subsidiary websites of ICHC, like Memebase, this typeface is not used that much. The ‘impact’ typeface is so widely used on the website that it has gone to the extent of being replicated in a picture representing the original ‘Happy Cat’ on the website of ICHC. People who have created lolcats on their software have chosen this font only to have the original ICHC flavor intact in their creation. Besides this font, there are other fonts available as well on the builder that can be used. 

Sister blogs

With the huge success of ICHC, there are six sister blogs of the website. These are,

  1. Pundit Kitchen (focusing on politics)
  2. Graph Jam (focusing on graphs)
  3. I Has a Hot Dog (as the name says, it’s about dogs)
  4. Totally Looks Like (it’s a site focusing on entertainment)
  5. Fail Blog (it has been bought by ICHC and makes fun of screwups of people)
  6. Engrish Funny (focus on signs and photos mangling English)


Created by chance with the co-founder of the site Nakagawa posting an image of a British Shorthair cat from the website ‘Something Awful’ with the caption ‘I Can Has Cheezburger?’ The site has reached unbelievable heights since its inception.

We’ve seen photoshopped animals before. Some of our favorites include animals who have been photoshopped to have a cat head instead of their usual animal head and bring animal-based images or product images. Ask about blog network, current blog themes, pet blog, the blog with pictures, user-generated comedy sites, entertainment-oriented sites, popular sites, or anything about the article.

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