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MasteringChemistry is an online portal for science students. This portal offers a whole new experience of learning, homework, tutorial, and study materials for the students to improve their grades. Online education is not a new concept today. However, with Mastering Chemistry, it will be a different experience altogether. 


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About MasteringChemistry

Pearson MyLab is an effective online assessment system for science students. Around 11 million students are connected with Pearson MyLab today. This portal offers new and interesting learning tools to the students to improve their results. 

On the other hand, the site offers teaching tools for the teachers. Teachers can make their own course concepts for different students so that they can fit into it. The online assessment of organic chemistry and general chemistry allows the teachers to track students’ improvement. 

Benefits of MyLab and Mastering Chemistry

As I said, online studying is not a new concept. If you search for online degrees or digital courses, you will find tons of those. However, MyLab is different. Here, students will get personalized courses.

  • With the assessment system, teachers will be able to know about the performance of the student. 
  • The interactive course-specific content will allow pupils to grow their knowledge of organic chemistry. 
  • Pearson offers a digital learning process to the pupils who are looking for improving their grades. Quizzes, online assessments, tutorial questions, and other skill development courses help the pupils to be prepared before coming to classes. 
  • For the teachers at Pearson, they get a digital tool for teaching and designing courses. Educators focus on conceptual chemistry and organic chemistry for active learning. Along with the learning management system, the dynamic study modules are extremely effective for both teachers and pupils. 

Along with the above-mentioned advantages, the site offers access card packages. This helps the pupils to get access code. They can redeem the access code while registering with the portal. 


MyLab is a full-circle learning management system for the pupils.The science courses, conceptual chemistry learning, general learning process, and course topics are designed in such a way that everyone gets benefitted from it. You can find many tutorials as well. In my other post about the login and registration process, you will get to know more about the login details, personalized learning, about the learning platform and access code.

You can also customize publisher content and add questions to match your teaching style and course goals: Easily edit any of Pearson’s questions or answers to match the precise language you use. So many features you can take advantage of even from your smartphone and tablet.

Meanwhile, you can share your views and experience with MasteringChemistry about learning experience or online learning experiences and learning outcomes here in the comment section below.

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