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It is never easy to find the perfect teacher for your subject and course. Especially if you are a student of computer programming. It is very hard to find tutors and teachers. Even with a lot of information on the internet, students still find it hard in understanding the concepts and how to master them.  Keeping in mind the needs of the students, MyProgrammingLab offers huge help. 


About MyProgrammingLab:

MyProgrammingLab not only helps the students but also gives huge power to the teachers as with this learning and teaching platform, the teachers easily reach all their students with effectiveness. No matter how many students a teacher has, this platform will ensure that each student is being taken care of and their queries are answered by the concerned teachers. Moreover, the curriculum available on the platform is enriched with educational content that has been written by highly educated professionals. As a result, both teachers and students using this platform find themselves highly benefited in every possible way.

With MyProgrammingLab by their side, students will be able to get unlimited opportunities to practice programming. There are a huge number of automatically generated, short coding exercises that have been created by the best in the industry. Solving these exercises would help the students to learn and understand their subject better.

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Access to Pearson eText:

Students can be given access to their Pearson eText anytime when they are using MyProgrammingLab. eText refers to the simple and personalized reading curriculum that is available within the MyProgramming platform. It can be accessed through both mobiles and computers and students can highlight the important portions and make notes on the text even when they are not online. Some of the materials come with integrated videos to help students understand better. Teachers can also give the students access to their own notes so that they can take the help of them whenever they need it.


Automatic Gradation System:

One of the best things about MyProgrammingLab is that here, once a student submits an assignment, they get automatically graded. This saves the teachers time and also helps the student to get instant knowledge about their performance. There is an inbuilt dynamic roaster in the platform and it tracks and saves the performances of different students. The gradebook is color-coded and that would help you to take a quick look at it and have an idea about how your class is doing. You can also get the details on the performance of a single student from the gradebook. Moreover, you can also export the data available on the gradebook to an excel sheet if you want.

When a student is practicing with MyProgrammingLab, they would get instant feedback on their performance and provided answers. When they are solving a question in the wrong way, the platform will send them instant messages regarding their error while giving a detailed explanation of why that process and answer is incorrect and what should be the right approach. Moreover, the step-by-step video tutorials available on the platform help the students to understand the concepts of coding better and in an easier manner. These video tutorials can be accessed anytime and this means a student can get help whenever they need; even outside the classroom.

Moreover, the platform also keeps a track of the generalized behavior of students including their rate of submissions, the tendency of copy-pasting, and so on. This helps a teacher to better understand a student and their performance.


Starting with MyProgrammingLab:

If you have just started learning to code in C++ then you may want to look at starting with MyProgrammingLab. This product comes with a physical copy of Beginning C++, by Tony Gaddis, Godfrey Muganga and Judy Walters, plus access to their online video course MyProgramming Labs. If you are a beginner to the world of programming or if you already know how to code but are unsure of how to start, this is an easy way to get going.

It will teach you everything that you need to know to get started, including learning to use Visual Studio, which is the most common tool for creating and compiling C++ programs. You will also be introduced to a few of the popular programming languages such as Java, Ruby, and Python. And although it uses Visual Studio, the course does not assume that you already know Visual Studio. You should however be able to complete this course without having any previous experience.

Getting introduced to the coursework:

MyProgramming Labs provides the program’s coursework in three parts, covering everything from the very beginning, which covers the fundamentals of programming, all the way through to the advanced level. The program is also designed to be easy to follow and understand so that even those who have little knowledge of computer programming can get started. All you need to do is to download the program and install it on your computer. Once you have done this, you are ready to go.

If you have problems understanding the video course, there are several tutorials available online. Some of these are free while others require a small fee. You can find videos on YouTube, blogs, and on MyProgrammingLabs official website, and through email. There are also a number of videos you can view on MyProgrammingLabs’ website itself.

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Perks of using MyProgrammingLab:

  • The program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the programming languages and how they work. You can learn to create, debug, and run programs in C++, as well as create database projects and other types of interactive applications. It also covers the basics of data structures and computer memory.
  • When you first download the program, you can see a demonstration on its website. This allows you to see how easy it is to get started and how it works. Even if you are not familiar with the different aspects of programming, the video will make you feel like you are a professional coder when you are ready to move on.
  • MyProgrammingLabs offers a number of advantages over traditional software programs. They include a step-by-step guide, free tutorial videos, and a forum where you can get help from other users of the program, which is a great source of ideas for beginners and experts alike.
  • Because the program comes with a physical copy of the eBook Beginner C Programming, you will be able to read everything you need to know right on the computer screen, in the convenience of your own home. This means that you will never need to visit a bookshop again.

Additional Benefits:

In addition to providing you with instructions and sample projects, the program also contains a database of all the tools and information needed to start creating your own programs. You will have access to tutorials and sample projects that are complete and ready to use. This will allow you to jump right in and begin creating your very own applications with very little hassle.

All of the programs are provided as open-source software, so they are fully customizable. You are free to modify them, add on new projects, or even add in your own projects if you like. Some of them even have a learning module built right into the program itself, which can help you get started right away. The software also includes an online forum to help you learn the techniques used and get the most out of the program.

As with any program, the program also comes with a wide variety of options that allow you to tailor the course to meet your specific needs. You can choose to learn by reading the entire eBook, or by watching videos or reading through a series of tutorials.


With MyLab Programming, students learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, including design, testing, and debugging, programming style, interface inheritance, and exception management. From advice about programming, programming tips, programming projects, programming competence, concepts of programming languages, even-numbered programming exercises, the basis for understanding programming, programming resources, solutions to programming examples, syntax of programming, introductory programming courses, problem-solving, and programming techniques. AP Edition also covers all Java programming material and concepts required as part of the AP Computer Science A curriculum. Also includes a chapter-by-chapter guide that contains numerous teaching hints, quiz questions with solutions, and solutions to many exercises and programming projects with chapter list.

If you enjoy computer programming, it’s definitely worth checking out the MyProgrammingLab. Not only will it save you hours of hard work and frustration, but it will also give you the tools you need to create some truly impressive programs. Get Personalized learning with a new learning experience. It is built for flexibility and these digital platforms with Digital tools and online assessments lets you create a course to best fit the unique needs of your curriculum and your students. Online learning made fun with new learning opportunities. Order Pearson offers also affordable and accessible purchase options to meet the needs of your students. Ask us about grading of student assignments, aspects of program development, or anything from the article!

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